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Auctioning a house from the Legal Execution Department is another attractive option for those looking for affordable second-hand homes.Those interested in buying a cheap home must understand the process of bidding for a house from the Legal Execution Department. With Because there may be a house in good condition for sale by auction through the Legal Execution Department When it comes time to buy a house with this method It will help the buyer to conduct a mortgage auction house with the Legal Execution Department fluently.
Get to know the auction house from the Legal Execution Department
When the debtor is sued by the creditor The debtor's property will have to be sold in order to pay the debt.  slotxo The Legal Execution Department has the duty to bring the house or condo, which is an asset of the defendant (debtor), auctioned off by the court's decision. Also known as the red case number And houses sold by auction by the Legal Execution Department It is intended to pay the debt to the plaintiff (creditor) is the main auction house opening price from the Legal Execution Department, so it is often lower than the price of a house sold in the market much enough.
Preparing for Auction House Auction from the Legal Execution Department
Search for houses to auction
Search for auction homes on the Legal Execution website or the LED Property Plus app when you find the right home. Need to check the home condition by yourself Inquiring about the terms of the auction for each house at the Legal Execution Department Hotline Tel. 0-2881-4999
Prepare documents and insurance money
Just use an ID card and a copy If there is a bidder instead Then use the power of attorney to affix a 30 baht stamp duty and prepare a copy of the identity card of the grantor and the attorney to complete In the insurance money The bidder must prepare a cash or cashier's check in accordance with the margin prescribed by the Legal Execution Department.

The process of auctioning houses from the Legal Execution Department
Bidders to register
On the auction day, bidders must register with the official. Ready to place cash or cashier's checks as collateral and make contracts for bidding So he accepted the auction banner and sat in the place provided.

Official set the starting price
Before the auction starts The official will briefly explain the conditions of the auction. And set the initial price of the house to be auctioned with the Legal Execution Department The committee or officials of the Legal Execution Department will determine the starting price in the first round of auction. The starting price in Round 2 will be reduced to 90 percent and in Round 3 will be reduced to 80 percent and the starting price will be 70 percent in Round 4 onwards until the bidders.

Bidders raise their bid tags.
When the official bidding Interested parties can raise the sign to ask for a quote based on the starting price Or raise the price tag with other bidders In which the official will determine how much the price will be added at a time But the bidder can increase the price equal or greater than the limit.

Officials knock wood for the winning bidder
When the house is auctioned until the highest price Legal Execution Department officials will ask for an objection from the stakeholders. (Representative of the plaintiff or the defendant) if no objection. The official will knock the wood and sell that house to the winning bidder. The winning bidder then has to pay and transfer ownership in the next step. The loser of the auction can receive a security deposit back immediately.

Барахолка - Начать новую тему

Electronic auction
The Legal Execution Department organized e-Offering Auction houses at 9 provincial enforcement offices, namely Nonthaburi, Chon Buri, Nakhon Pathom, Nakhon Ratchasima, Khon Kaen, Chiang Mai, Phitsanulok, Surat Thani and Songkhla to facilitate those far from the auction site. Able to enter the auction from the Legal Execution Office in every region In which interested persons must register and reserve equipment in advance at the enforcement office who wants to use the service

Steps after auction house from the Legal Execution Department
Contract of sale
The winning bidder from the Legal Execution Department is required to enter into a purchase agreement and pay the auction price on the date of purchase in the event that the winning bidder is in the process of collecting money or waiting for the bank's credit approval. The Legal Execution Department can extend the period of 15-90 days with reasonable reasons or confirmation from the bank. The security deposit is treated as a deposit and is not refundable.

Transfer ownership
After full payment Legal Execution Department officials will issue a letter to the Land Department officials. Along with giving rights documents and documents related to the transfer of ownership Allowing the bidder to transfer the ownership of the auction house from the Legal Execution Department at the Land Office by himself

Pay bills
The winning bidder is responsible for all transfer costs. Including expenses of the seller as follows

Ownership transfer fee 2% of the appraised value
Withholding income tax based on the progressive tax base
Specific business tax of 3.3% or stamp duty 0.5% according to the conditions of tenure.
1% mortgage loan amount in the event that the winning bidder borrows from the bank, and all the steps and things you should know about bidding a house from the Legal Execution Department Buying a second-hand home that everyone should know. To have the opportunity to access houses and condos at a lower price than the market. Even if you get a house in good condition Buyers will save a lot of money, ever.