I believe that many marketers or businessmen People are probably not familiar with the term "Personal Vlog" as compared to the younger generation who tend to follow the lives of celebrities online, such as Youtubers, famous stars, singers, etc. I think you are already "out of fashion" (ha)
So what does it have to do with marketing (Marketing)? Because marketing that you are familiar with is inevitably using a presenter such as a celebrity to play advertisements and speak good properties. Regarding the product with its image, fun, beautiful, cool, anything like that, etc. What is better than Personal Vlog than the current marketing era?
I am well versed in online marketing. Let me tell you, this is a new, low-cost marketing model. You don't have to hire big stars to waste your money. slotxo The most important thing is that you can do it right away. Know the cool advantages Like this Come and read my articles.

1.What is a Personal Vlog?

Vlog stands for Video + Blog, which means 'Blog' is a 90s diary, daily journal.By the 2000s, there were free blogs, websites like Google Blog, Geocities (classic contemporaries), etc. where you could write a description. Anything that you would like to write whether it is about your life, experience, knowledge, etc., for the world to see. When someone likes it, someone follows up. And when in this era there is a smartphone or Facebook live that can be lifted up to record video You can therefore share life experiences when doing things such as going on a trip, eating, shopping, etc., which has many advantages. Is able to describe both video and audio at the same time, imagine that your favorite star carries a mobile phone to go shopping and lecture You definitely feel very happy.

2. Online Influencer Marketing Using Personal Vlog

I write articles on Influencer Marketing, who influence Follower and make a purchase because it is more credible than brands speak for themselves. Or even big stars such as YouTuber Beauty line that reviews the actual product, mobile phone, game expert, camera, etc. Personal Vlog is different in that they focus on broadcasting "lifestyle" mainly such as eating and traveling. Daily use Which the whole clip is hardly talking about or not talking about the product at all People who follow are people who want to see the daily life of people they like. Famous Personal Vlog examples such as chic, slides, my house, dimmer, oranges.

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3.Why should brands use Personal Vlogger as an influencer?

The distinct strength of using a Personal Vlogger is that its followers are significantly more "engaged" than influencers or celebrities. In other words, followers spend more time watching Vlogger group videos. They can feel closer and more in touch with the people they like. As a result, the credibility of the Vlogger is very high. Say what your followers believe. Can also compete "Time spent" from viewers than other media such as TV media, dramas, celebrities, etc. This makes it possible to enter marketing activities with a Vlogger with a large number of followers and a good target audience to have a positive impact on the brand. Your product is more

4. How to apply your brand to your Personal Vlogger for the most effective marketing.

Now that you know the advantages of using Personal Vlog Marketing, it's time to first determine which of your products or services are compatible with your Personal Vlogger. "Story Board" (Story Board), which is like a play to allow them to play roles that do not lose their identity. And must miss "Product Placement" (Product Placement) into a play that is natural The final story is "Target Audience", the audience you want, based on your Personal Vlogger's followers whether your age, gender, educational preferences, etc. are the way you want them.
Product: Acer Aspire brand notebook computer suitable for personal use, Pink
Personal Vlogger of choice: Sleek, Slider
Reason for choosing: The product is inexpensive. Suitable for school age, students, a group of people starting to work Target women, men
Drama: set to be stylish Making a video with stories about traveling to other provinces and having to hurry to work and send teachers work Therefore using Acer computers to compose the play (Product Placement) and then work Talk about something else And briefly talk about the advantages of this computer

5. It is a good avoid to talk about technical information of the product.

From the example in number 4, do you see that choosing to use Personal Vlogger will reach the target audience and make the followers able to remember the brand for longer Most importantly, not to mention the technical information of the product or not to mention it at all. It is truly a new dimension of marketing. Most importantly, it can conceal any weaknesses or technical concerns of a product. This is another thing that makes a difference between an influencer and a Personal Vlogger.

This is the definition of a Personal Vlog and its marketing application for your business.