As the group of marketing services with the best offer in the market of the country , prioritizing the importance today of experiential marketing. Monet & Friends exhibition. Photo: Maria Teresa Espinoza Specialists point out that experiential marketing is a strategy or philosophy that consists of creating experiences to reach the customer in a creative and memorable way, managing to create emotional links between consumers and brands. According to various studies, this type Mexico Phone Number List of marketing is based on "experiences" as its core, and it is that the product is not the center , nor the brand, nor its message: the center is the customer, their perceptions and their emotions. This type of marketing was greatly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

But this crisis also helped brands and agencies Mexico Phone Number List that are dedicated to this type of marketing knew how to take advantage of the new trends that emerged with the coronavirus to revive the sector. 00:13 / 00:15 According to the Semrush Blog, experiential marketing will impact consumers in post-pandemic times, since the general population is anxious to be able to integrate again into the world that they had to radically leave behind, giving way Mexico Phone Number List to an opportunity for Mexico Phone Number List brands . and provide an unforgettable experience to consumers. “Monet & Friends” the immersive exhibition that gives importance to experiential marketing ifahto, presented the exhibition in the Impressionism style, with one of the most important exponents of this genre, Claude Monet. This exhibition, which is located on the Mexico Phone Number List esplanade of the Monument to the Mother, on Reforma and Insurgentes streets in Mexico City, witnessed the rebirth of if & Company.

Where Fernando Famanía, its CEO, announced that "today the agencies and divisions of the group are fully strengthened and robust to provide service and satisfy any type of brand needs”. Monet & Friends exhibition. Photo: Maria Teresa Espinoza Before this exhibition that is full of lights, colors and sound, where a narrative is presented in the masterpieces of the Impressionists come to life with digital screens, sound effects, projection mapping that is a 360º digital spectacle Mexico Phone Number List that completely defines experiential marketing term. Monet & Friends exhibition. Photo: Maria Teresa Espinoza “Today we are not on mute, today we are here to thank and to celebrate that we are alive at home, this event is for you, it is to give thanks because you have listened to us, you have been with us and we would have loved to Mexico Phone Number List do this a couple of years but we can't do it”, said Fernando Famanía at the event that took place this Wednesday, March 16. if & Company Mexico Phone Number List Group. Photo: courtesy of if & Company He also highlighted the launch of Ifahto Worldwide.