Nucleic acids, genetic material and the origins of healthy

Have you ever wondered why your child has to look like a parent? Many people might say that it is due to genetics. That is the correct answer. Heredity is derived from nucleic acids (Nucleic Acids), but many people are more likely to know nucleic acids as DNA or RNA. But may affect the health of the people as well

Nucleic acids are relevant for us from the fetus until birth to reproduction. slotxo It is responsible for documenting genetic traits to create new cells and pass them on to the next generation. But in some cases, certain factors may cause the abnormal nucleic acid to occur. Both from inside and outside the body Therefore, it can lead to genetic distortion and an increased risk of illness, so looking healthy may be part of helping nucleic acids to function normally and reduce the risk of certain diseases.

Know more nucleic acids
Nucleic acids are a type of biomolecules within the body. It is responsible for creating genetic material to record the genetic traits or things that help identify the nature of the organism, whether it be appearance, skin color, eye color, hair style, fingerprints, to genetic disorders that may increase the risk. To some health problems or diseases Such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer, etc.
The living body is made up of millions of cells. Within a cell, there is a component called the nucleus, which contains nucleic acids. In every cell division process in the body Whether it is growing in the womb Body development Repairing the body from a wound or illness Mechanisms the body extracts information from the genetic material recorded by the nucleic acids to form new, identical cells. The newly created cells will also have their integrity.

Nucleic acids are classified into two types:

DNA, or Deoxyribonucleic Acid, serves the primary function of recording and inheriting the human genotype.
RNA, or Ribonucleic Acid, is responsible for the genetic transcription from DNA to make proteins and cellular components.

Nucleic acids, genetic material and the origins of healthy

The role of nucleic acids in hereditary disease
As I said Nucleic acids are responsible for the genetic profile of each person. The human genome is recorded mainly in the form of DNA.If the ancestor is a genetic disease, it can pass on the genetic traits from one generation to the next, medically termed the genetic anomaly as Mutation. ), But common people might call this inheritance hereditary, an example of a genetic disease that most people know and result in disorders since pregnancy, such as Down Syndrome. Symptoms of Down's syndrome may not necessarily be present, but if DNA is characterized by this anomaly, there may be a risk that the disorder is present in the offspring. Hereditary disease can also refer to a group of chronic diseases that are triggered by genetic factors such as hypertension, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, Alzheimer's disease, cancer, etc. These diseases usually do not develop immediately. In the womb or after birth, DNA has certain traits or information that allow these diseases to develop later. Sometimes genetic mutations can also be caused by external factors. It may be exposed to pollution, sunlight, stress, chemicals or other adverse environment because these factors accelerate free radicals that damage cells and DNA within cells. And if someone has hereditary Mutation, exposure to these factors could increase their risk of disease. In particular, family members are suffering from certain diseases. Here you can see that Heredity affects health from birth to growth. And although inherited genetic mutations have no cure for But staying healthy may help keep cells healthy and functioning. This may reduce the risk of mutations leading to hereditary diseases and health problems.

Strengthening of nucleic acids
Taking care of one's own health is another way that contributes to the normal functioning of the genetic material. Which can be divided into 2 main parts as follows

Change your lifestyle
Initially, it should start with avoiding external factors that induce free radicals and damage cells that may lead to DNA mutations by means such as avoiding exposure to sunlight. Especially in the strong sunlight If exposed to the sun, wear protective clothing or sunscreen.
If exposed to pollution, a mask or protective equipment should be worn. To prevent dust, smoke and such chemicals
Stop smoking and not drink alcohol.
Maintain the cleanliness of the body and appliances regularly to prevent germs.
Relieve stress by various methods
Exercise regularly and get adequate rest.
Get vaccinated against disease according to your age group and individual risk factors.
This is because these behaviors can stimulate free radical processes and have negative effects on the body. Improving healthy behaviors is therefore essential to help cells and intracellular components. For example, nucleic acids are functioning normally, including DNA and RNA.

Add essential nutrients
Cells and their constituents survive with nutrients and oxygen. Humans have a natural oxygen breathing mechanism. But food is something that we can choose to eat. Choosing the right food may help maintain cell strength and intrinsic nucleic acids. Therefore, we should always choose to eat all 5 food groups and be in the right amount. Especially fruits and vegetables that contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help slow down the degeneration of cells.

In addition, foods containing nucleotides, the DNA subunit, should be found in many foods such as shrimp, fish, meat, organ meat, tofu and mushrooms. In one study, patients with Irritatable Bowel Syndrome were given a nucleotide supplement for 56 days in a row. Found that the severity of the symptoms was alleviated Especially abdominal discomfort and abdominal pain But there are still some symptoms that do not respond well. It may be said that taking a nucleotide supplement may improve and speed up the symptoms of the disease.However, if you have a disease or illness, you should seek medical attention first. To treat the symptoms of the disease precisely and safely

In addition, another study tested alcohol and a number of different substances in rats to look at alcohol-induced liver damage. The mice that received nucleic acid from salmon in combination with alcohol had less liver damage than the other mice. It is therefore expected that taking a diet containing nucleic acid as an ingredient may reduce the damage of the liver from alcohol consumption.

However, the results of these studies and research Further studies should be conducted to confirm the efficacy of nucleic acids and nucleotides in food and supplement forms, although nucleic acid disorders such as DNA and RNA. That is hereditary cannot be fixed But we can take care of our health in a variety of ways, it is a good choice that we can do in order to maintain a healthy and free from disease. Should see a doctor first for a proper examination and treatment.